What Is The Most Expensive Doll? What Makes It So Expensive A Sex Doll?

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If you have purchased a sex doll once before, you may know that the price of sex dolls varies greatly from low to high. On FantasyWives, you can buy Cheap Sex Dolls priced below $1000, as well as dolls with high cost performance that are commonly priced between $1,000- $1,599 or $1,600- $1,999. Or more expensive dolls over $2000. Then some customers will ask, cheap sex dolls may only cost a few hundred dollars, so how expensive are high-cost love dolls? Thousands of dollars or tens of thousands of dollars? How much does the most expensive doll cost? You may needn’t to buy such a real love doll, but we can learn more about it.

What Does The Price Of A Doll Depend On?

The first thing we need to know is that the price of a typical doll depends on its height and material. For example, for dolls made of the same material, there is no doubt that Torso is much cheaper than full body sex doll. Similarly, full body realistic love dolls with the same material, such as 148cm (which is the minimum height allowed for full body dolls in FantasyWives), are cheaper than dolls that are 170cm tall. This is also why the average price of a female doll is lower than the average price of a male doll. So for full body dolls of the same height, all silicone ones will be slightly more expensive than TPE ones. This is because their material, silicone, is more expensive than TPE. If you are not sure about TPE material and silicone material, the following videos may help you:

What is silicone?
What is TPE?
What is the difference between TPE and silicone?

Full Body Customized Doll Service Makes A Doll High-Cost

Actually, there is one thing that can make dolls more expensive. That is, when choosing the function options for dolls, there are some options that may incur additional fees. For example, implanted hair, electric wait or button, head moving or body moving. Of course, the most expensive of these are also around $3000. Do you think the highest price for dolls will stop here? No, you may not know, we also have a special service. That's a full body customized doll! What service is this? Whether it's appearance or figure, we can make an ideal love in the eyes of customers completely according to their needs. The customer needs to provide photos and body data, and we use 3D modeling technology to create the same face as the photo. Height, chest and waist circumference can all be made according to customer requirements. Customized dolls can bring your dream lover into reality. However, private customization of dolls takes a long time and requires approximately $6000 in funding. Isn't it a bit surprising that a sex doll was sold for such a high price. If you think $6000 is already the upper limit, why not imagine it boldly.
(If your wallet allows you to customize a doll, feel free to inquire. Alternatively, you can only customize the head and choose an existing doll body. The price will be a bit cheaper.)

The Most Expensive Doll May Not Be The Best Sex Doll For You

With the development of the times and the advancement of technology, we have actually witnessed the emergence of many intelligent robots. I believe some people have already seen simulation robots with their own eyes. What if the simulation robot is combined with sex doll? It can interact with you emotionally and serve your life like a butler or nanny. If such a sex doll were to come out, customizing such a sex doll would probably cost more than $6000. Haha, don't be scared by the expensive sex doll price. In fact, most dolls under $2000 can already meet your basic needs. In fact, what is most expensive may not necessarily be the best, what is most suitable for you is the best. Don't know how to choose a sex doll that suits you? This blog may be helpful to you. "How to buy a sex doll"

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